It’s Time to Shift Your Datacenter to Cloud

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All are there, isn’t it – meaning the bunches of servers, operating system, infrastructure and network framework, database, business logic, development platform, storage, apps and tons of utilities are just handy over there on the cloud. This is just changing the mindset for this dramatic shifting – your on-premise IT platform to one or more cloud vendors.

Now, there are basically 3 main players in the IT world – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud. According to the IT critics and veteran systems gurus, Amazon AWS is top ranking followed by Microsoft Azure and then Google Cloud. In my consideration and experience so far, no extravagancies are matters of worries today and could be responsible for delaying decision from the top management part for shifting the whole or part of the datacenter to the on of the giants. The most hopeful things are: the additional unwanted overhead cost are gone. You would have to pay as per what you use out of the resources on the loud – Infrastructure, Platform, OS, Database, Storage etc. These are termed as IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a server) and SaaS (Software as a service). All you need in the office are user-end Laptops and Desktops and some necessary peripherals but the rest are to be purchased from the cloud vendors and the payment? Easy, just pay as you go and this is and must not exceed the cost it could have been payed at your on-premise system. No unnecessary employment of IT tech guys, getting recurring salaries per month and other benefits and thus unpredictable management worries!

In question of the Office Application bundle, Microsoft Office 365 and the utilities are fabulous collections to serve stunningly all business purposes very smartly and efficiently. And the same application suites are present at other cloud competitors – now it’s your choice. The price here are also very good and favorable to you – monthly or yearly subscriptions for only required applications and the cost is in the reach. One of the most interesting facilities is the cloud-centric storage – which is ‘OneDrive‘ of Microsoft Office 365 Suite, its offering TBs of space with so many features at very easy cost. And you are in fact, enjoying the business applications at any devices, any time and at any where!

The things are changed and being moving towards new phases of usage and IT administration and it is really fantastic and comfortable for all involved in the Organization. The worries are gone – if there is something regarding the risk factors, residual at the management consideration end about the data security and availability, these are resolved. It could a hybrid platform – for instance, services purchased from the cloud vendors and the database hosting at the local organization’s known premises. There are options, which go in favor of the business entrepreneur and management.

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