Providing Consultancy at MRDI for Preparing SRS of ERP

The most required initial stage for moving to develop enterprise level software is creating SRS (Software Requirement Specification). It contains all procedures and process links of the modules an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is built with. What I am still doing at MRDI (Media and Resources Development Initiative) is – talking, interviewing personnel designated with all business/operational units and assessing the organizational processes and the procedures inside. My observation and findings are being documented systematically according to the SRS format. The document being prepared contains orderly Functional Requirements, Context Diagram, Sequence Diagram, User Story and Case, Flow Charts for both the “As-IS” and “To-Be” process model. There are business modules proposed by MRDI – commonly Finance and Accounts, HCM/HR (Human Capital Management), Fixed Asset Management, Petty Cash, Inventory and Store Management, Staff Movement and Work Schedule, Budgeting, Procurement, Information Management System, Consolidated Audit (MRDI Operational Accountant other Project Accounts), Training and Workshop Modules, Project Management Tool, Team Management (Task Scheduling and Staff Movement), Project and Program Management etc.

The purpose of the automation is getting optimized control on process execution, coordination and expected project outcome of the four (4) core activities including the programmatic strategic objectives of MRDI: (a) Supporting Digital transformation of media, (b) Intent to create free and diverse media environment, (c) Support Quality journalism, (d) Promote people’s right to information (RTI)

Standard Operating Procedure and Process Documentation of MRDI ERP

The process, process links and procedures I collected after interviewing designated staffs of different departments of MRDI and assessing the organizational functional activities are documented. The activity sequences are well documented systematically and all other dependencies are identified and mentioned. The non-functional requirements are documented as well along with the functional requirements – all these are mandatory to start the initial steps of the ERP development project management. The consultancy being done is targeted to get all these formal document of organizational process and procedure ready for the software development vendor. As the completion of automation of this organization is a long-term project and needs a continuous and careful involvement from both sides – consultant and MRDI resource personnel, the SRS and standard operating procedure phases are crucial. There are many instances – the ERP deployment doesn’t get to the final successful stage!    

  • Project Type: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Development
  • Offered Service: Consultancy and SRS (Software Requirement Specification) Development
  • Customer: MRDI
  • Project Year: 2020-2021
  • Website:
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