There are very to-be-followed industrial proverb

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Linkedin post :: 26 December, 2023

There are very to-be-followed industrial proverb –

And here are two of significant saying:
The hazardous waste is the waste that we don not recognise
The machines are mere pieces of metal if they cannot be made efficient

An ERP can not solve:

Low productivity
Lower machine efficiencies
High rework
High inventories
High product wastage

As the upper issues can’t be solved by only:

An ERP can provide the actionable insights and analytics to analyse the root cause and making decision –

You might be a good operations person, an engineer or a efficient operator but, these are not all to cope it up, rather
Some time-tested problem solving and process improvement tools are required in this connection


Here is Lean 6 Sigma – a world renowned business improvement method to maximise the stakeholder’s value
By improving the manufacturing speed, product quality, customer satisfaction and by reducing the cost

Lean 6 Sigma leverages the most popular strategy to deploy the continuous improvement in the manufacturing industries. A successful and sustainable implementation of lean 6 sigma ensures high quality, low cost, customer satisfaction, increased profitability. And this a reality. Reduction of machine downtime and maintenance, product variation, and improvement of machine efficiencies, productivity and safety are the essential parts of the reality.

For the industry’s perspective the core of Six Sigma is
Define, Measure, Analyse, Improvement and Control.

“ The most hazardous waste is the waste that we can not recognise “
Lean Six Sigma focuses on the major identifiable wastes those impact –

Manufacturing waste:


So, only a successful deployment of a world renowned ERP is not the last story for profitability and customer satisfaction. Implementation and the sustainable process improvement and waste management framework is paramount.

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