Quantum Armor – a proactive and predictive Cyber Security Armour indeed.

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I have gone through all the features of this predictive breach defender and it appears to me as a capable and dependable AI driven Armor (as its name implies) cyber security breach and critical malicious intrusion.

Mostly (as the website information said) it has been engineered for threat intelligent and thus is devised for the proactive behaviour. This could be treated a one-stop threat protection for muli-fold destructive intelligent cyber attack initiative. I audited ISMS (based on ISO 27001) of several banks, including Bangladesh Bank, Nepal Central Bank, etc. – our recommendation, as a conclusive part of IT security audit, specially in the financial domain, could matter for inclusion of this type world-class predictive threat protector.

In the time inclusion of such ranking defence against the maliciously intelligent cyber intrusion – cost vs ROI could matter to the procurement body of the enterprise! But, regarding the loss and impact of the organisation reputation, out of the damage of the system, data due to the attack of the potential threat, acquisition of Quantum Armor is treated much more intelligent and effective decision – for mission critical enterprises.

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