Oracle shifted to APEX and Autonomous Database

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linkedin Article :: Posted on 19/12/2023

Where is the destination ?

Innovation escalating – leaving behind the predecessors at stunning speed!

All new applications are being built and shifting to Autonomous Elastic Database. This is a revolutionary move. No human labour, no human error in this new database realm. Oracle claims this a self-driving with automatic installation, configuration, update, patching, tuning… Fusion and NetSuite are moving to Autonomous Elastic Database. The recent beneficiary sectors incorporating he AED are fusion marketing, retail, banking, hospitality etc.

The significant advantage of getting autonomous elastic database is having high performance in low costs. Other features highlights in automatically allocates and releases processors and memory on workload – 10x faster on large workloads while costing less overall. Serverless when idle and the lucrative proposition is – “do not pay for what you do not use”.

Most rewarding initiative is moving from low code to no code through Oracle’s APEX cloud application generator from JAVA programming to APEX application generation! This new generation technology requires smaller team with less time. No doubt, this trend is a sign of alarming situation for staffing attachment – evaluation to becoming 50 to 10 programmers! APEX signifies its methodology as prototype features and iterate. Stepping ahead in security aspect as it leaves no security bugs. More reliable – generates stateless application with automatic failover.

Well, this noticeable that, recent days, innovation takes its dramatic speed to get new shape and AI keep contributing at remarkable pace.

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