OrangeBD (Orange Business Development Limited) is prominent software development organization in Bangladesh. Since the inception, OrangeBD has been developing custom software for Government and Private sector covering different areas. The projects of software development focus were firstly for providing solution on digital news media for the significant online news providers.

Now, the solution schemes are dedicated for e-Governance services of Bangladesh Government through A2i Access to Information – of the Prime Minister’s Office (now redefined as “Aspire to Innovate” and the program moved under ICT Division) was a programme of the government’s Digital Bangladesh agenda which specializes in introducing citizen-centric public service innovation to simplify public service delivery and improve the lives of citizens by increasing transparency, improving governance and reducing the time, difficulty and costs of obtaining government services.

OrangeBD works on providing software solution for E-Governance, Custom Software for Private Sectors, Online Newspaper, Website Design and Development and Apps. Few significant solution for E-Governance are: National Portal, MuktoPath, MyGov, Bangladesh Service Application Platform, Bangladesh Judiciary System, etc.

This review with the CEO, Ashraful Kabir Jewel was conducted on ‘EkSheba’ solution developed by OrangeBD and this is a significant project of A2i.

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  • Project: Interview with CEO (Ashraful Kabir Jewel)
  • Talked on: Ek Sheba
  • Project of: A2i (Access to Information)
  • Website of OrangeBD:

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