My profound experiences in IT Training domain.

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I am really very comfortable providing training. I started my IT career since 90s as a trainer and continued in different international (Aptech Worldwide, India), IBM, Bangladesh, Academic Head and Faculty of IDB (Islami Development Bank) Scholarship Project, BEST program of UNIDO and some national training institutions as well.

A spontaneous linking and mapping inside the thought process in various relevant subject matters and references are the key points to take control of the whole learner audiences. As a trainer, this is very important being cool, controlled and patient in the class of lot varieties of students with unpredictable temperament and habit. While delivering session three things shall have to be done simultaneously – giving the relevant subject deliverables in controlled pace, reading the phycology of numbers of restless, restful, indifferent and chaotic minds and keep assessing the reflection and capacity of the students – whether they grasping the class session in reality. I am sure, I can identify and understand the student’s status about their capacity to attain the class in full interest and attention and get a picture of their study courses acceptance status.

In IT Training domain, this is practically paramount to have diversified knowledge in OS, Servers and services, Workstations, ranges of hardware and components, applications, Networking and networking devices, Security, Protocols, Utilities, Platform and infrastructure, Database, Programing tools and method, architecture, Software development project management, etc. and, of course, lot of hand-on solution experience for being a reliable and good teacher. Because the teacher has to answer everything to the curious students might ask. Teaching, is place of knowledge-base, dependency, worthiness and true reliability for the students community.

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