Let the ERP AI agent wake up while you are sleeping

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Today, at late midnight, the thoughts about the AI indulges me to dive into innovative state, want to listen?

The process optimisation shall have to be kept up and running and benefit realisation shall be reaped out against the investment in ERP or CRM or any application integration.

So, a proactively advisory Dashboard can come forward for this purpose- but how?

Let AI integration in ERP plays the game and thus change the business game, as well. The data miner of AI can take the role to dive deep in the ocean of information related to sales funnel (say, for instance, I am taking about CRM) packed with lead or client prospects data, keeping the searching eyes open of the AI’s data miner. At night or when you are logged out of the ERP/CRM interface, dashboard’s data miner keeps knocking the geographical, demographics, psychologics and behavioural information sources in the social media – Facebook, x (the old twitter), YouTube, instagram, website, email etc the public focused social media presence.

The intelligent night guard of the dashboard collect the lead’s external data, mixes with the previous internal data and generates an actionable insight. In the next morning, when you are awaken from the sleep and login to your dashboard, a stunning surprise could give a valuable gift of possibilities of a conversion story of lead to a paying customer, the sleepless AI agent move you further ahead of your competitors and this proactive and continuous off-time actionable insight Erp process can bring benefit realisation often, more than your expectations.

This is an idea, knocked me at late midnight, a lonely time is not merely isolation, this comes to me blessing to provide me with blooming ideas, let this late midnight thought create an effective ERP dashboard.

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