Is it going to be happened in the near future? Multi-Vendor ERP?

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Customers are aware and competent day-by-day, and the information is easily accessible; so, the customer could have their own choice to mix and gather business management modules from different vendors, in the future. Because, specific ERP modules from different vendors might be identified closest and effective to the business requirement – needless to say, customer’s decision is the final whistle to end-up the sale close game, isn’t it? And, here, the tech-marketers have to be more bright and intelligent in making strategy to win the customer’s mind. This is not new that Clouds are talking and collaborating to each other seamlessly – “inter-cloud network”.

A predictive insight is – API development could have a new hight and dimension incorporating the more deep intelligence with AI enabler – will not be limited to hand shaking between neighbouring vendors apps, platform and data push-pool task, rather APIs are expected to be more aware of application processes and complex cross-functional activities of the components.

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