IoT and AI in the Climate Change Restoration Process ?

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Let the high-tech innovation be directed to the welfare of the planet and the mankind. Let AI work against all sorts of distraction under the regulations.

Are these in the thought funnel?
This is just an idea, may be start happening somewhere,
May be in the pipeline of the the initial planning stage of the ambitious project.

But, to my consideration, this could have been extremely necessary, involving the tech-innovation in restoration process of the Climate Change to its natural phenomenon. This is urgent for the living welfare of this planet inhabitants.

Is it in the implementation pipeline or under a planing stage that, technology made of IoT and AI be associated to all industrial and unplanned production plant’s extract and emission exposer point to put a bar and alarming notification when the carbon and other green house gases and toxic elements reach the alarming threshold? The scientists working on Climate Change set the threshold measure in the scientific work. Even as a more extended thought – this tech-combination could contribute to the climate restoration process in straight forward interference and contribution.

Are the global tech giants working on this highly important issue?

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