Expected Return of Investment

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Establishment sustainable quality processes are the ways to get the desired return out of any business. Compliance to the international standards for the quality management system has no other alternatives

The business requirements are changing all the time and getting its new turn to unpredictable needs of the clients or the end users. So, adaptability with newness is very much critical for the organizations in question of the return of investment – a matured deployment of standard processes and the best practices all through shows the solution. Here, establishment, implement, maintain and continually improvement of the organisational processes in compliance with ISO/IEC 9001:2015 is the expected best decision.

Certification is just an outcome of an successful audit of this international standard, but a realistic implementation of the quality management system shall be the target, which ensures the optimization of the business process and profitability. A well established quality management system is the foundation for successful implementation of other types of management system, such as Information Security Management system – ISO/IEC 27001:2022, Environment Management System – ISO/IEC 14001:2015, Food Safety Management System -ISO/IEC 22000:2018, Educational Organisation Management System – ISO/IEC 21001:2018 etc.

* Recent Lead Auditing Events on Quality Management System – Different units of Ibn Sina.

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