Did you ever take this serious things into account?

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Is it your running ERP is version-locked, legacy – years back historical bunches of “that-time-business” applications set? Is it just giving you back the routine business process flows as digital outcome, accurately and quickly? How much is your on-prem massively invested application giant engaging external and internal people to provide in-time intelligent insight, predictive forecasting and decision to bring the enterprise in the stream of growth and lucrative revenue ?

This is high time to think about up-gradation of business process, organization culture, people engagement, alignment the objectives with world of IT revolution and overall, being with the time – where business and technology walk hand-to-hand. If your organisation resource people are stagnant at a golden past (often claimed as “our time” ) and not walking with the technology and current ever-changing business requirements – your company or business can not stand at the competitive edge. Many matters are kept under the moving sand and waste away.

The key to knowing how aligned your ERP systems are with your business imperatives is measuring how much of the IT budget is devoted to innovation rather than maintenance. How much of IT’s time can you devote to addressing new business requirements, rather than day-to-day operations such as patches, fixes, support calls and otherwise managing your infrastructure? Take a hard look at the aging, version-locked ERP system you are running right now, and please take a little time to do the math.

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