An unmanageable racer in the track of Information Technology – Larry Ellison

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His dream Oracle is now autonomous database – self provisioned, self-tuned, more secured and fully fault-tolerance – no human labor, no human error!

He is now, more cooperative with the tech-competitors for the wellness and customers comfort. Made Oracle CloudWorld, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud internet of cloud – so, for example, one application of one cloud (say, Azure) can easily connect and use database or other resources of another cloud (say, Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave) – or vice versa at 10x – 100x faster ! amazing right! And cloud interconnection is seamless and free! The world is moving to a unknowingly fascinating destination.

One day he will leave this nice planet, but he shall be living with what he gave to the world of technology by materialising his own idea, innovation and whole-life-struggle. He wanted to be the best contributory and he did. This people is a torch bearer to newgen to direct the ocean of technology towards the future and he keeps moving with all his great imagination shaping and placing Oracle at the pinnacle – an uncontrolled pace, he is always carrying forward…

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