AI can’t replace NI (Natural Intelligence of Human)

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Can you depend completely on AI tools or its arrays of intelligent actions for the complete Business Solution – Enterprise Finance and Accounting system, HR and Organisational development, supply chain management, Production, Material Management, Warehouse or Inventory management, Operations, Marketing and Sales Application, Customer and Field services, E-Commerce Management etc. lot more? I believe not, AI can’t be the concerning matter for employment issues for all domain.

Please, let not be confused by the tsunami of AI – chatGPT, Bard, Metamate or the like – as AI can’t ever replace our NI (Natural Intelligence). Human interaction shall always be there for the business, industries or any sorts of enterprises – in question of brining the business solutions in one application umbrella, in other word, refer to an ERP. AI are and shall be the tools or set of interconnected AI driven applications – are the effective sources to assist huge business applications. The cloud infrastructure rather be more powerful and intelligent regarding all technology issues of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, data store, backup, security etc. For example, AI shall never replace an ERP rather, shall assist an ERP to be more business specific, generating actionable insight for decision making, profit making solution or to realise the entrepreneur’s expectation.

But, sometimes, in different places, AI is being mishandled or its usages are misguided to malpractices, blackmailing people’s simplicities, making social and business harms. There must be some global restrictive regulations in place to control the malicious AI practices. AI is emerging with huge and outstanding innovation and power – but we must direct it towards the positive and beneficent ways.

Hopefully, the AI creators and other global vendors are conscious and would take serious proactive initiative before indulging AI to being their business rival confronted or a self-killing weapon, isn’t it?

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