A sweet Remembrance – Windows NT 4!

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26 years – a pretty long back indeed! I got my first certificate from Microsoft on professional training program on Windows NT 4 Server – the ever best and stable server from Microsoft, served for long years in this planet. I spent long with this popular and world-wide used stable version of Server experimenting – active directory, group policy, IPSEC, NTFS file system, resource sharing, Event and capacity management and so many features!

I started my career since MS DOS 2.0 operating year and then I was an IT Trainer – surprisingly, that OS accommodated inside a 4.3MB diskette and being evolved till the last windows server installed at Microsoft Azure cloud as a part of Service as a Platform (SaaP) – very interesting! Still I am moving forward with enthusiasm with my fullest spirit. Information Technology is such a fascinating magic world! – it knows not being ended. I feel blessed with my career, still I am thrilled updated with the latest intelligent innovation, it never know about its destination, isn’t it? The products I worked with once, took its idle seats in the tech-museum’s racks but, I love my profession.

It must go on along this never-ending fascinating pathways till I would be in this nice planet!

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