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IT service dependency during and after corona era

Last updated on September 24, 2020

The world is stopped and all of us are at home. A mighty microscopic pathogen is still dominating human life, livelihood and all sorts of businesses around! We are still defensive and living at the home confinement as we are scared about the severe deadly impact of corona. But life cannot be like that – stagnant and workless for uncertain time period! We have been tolerating this dismal situation since the early months of this year 2020 and still at an unknown and unpredictable condition. Corona seized normalcy, corona disrupted business flow and the whole economy at the severe possible impact compared to the history.

What to do now or what has been done so far in question of doing official works or business; the mighty Information Technology took over the situation and people started doing work from home. It just a good Internet connection and any hand-hold devices (cell phone, tab, laptop or desktop) – that’s it. Officers are doing conducting regular meeting, teachers are providing training using tools or apps like zoom, skype, streamyard, google meet so forth. It found no problem at all to provide services which requires digital involvement. Social media is doing tremendously good role in the current corona situation – thanks to all of them: facebook, linkedin, google, twitter, instagram, printerest and so many are prominent in the world’s digital communication scenario.

There are two sides here regarding the human resource attachment with the organization or business premise : the effectiveness of the work done from home or at doing the same at the office. Of course,  direct interaction with the colleagues, associates, relevant management, business partners, regulatory bodies or the third parties matters for getting the most effective conclusion of any crucial decision. This leads desired outcome quickly and with solid result. Virtual environment is ok doing job but there are lot of issues which needs direct interaction – attachment matters. Corona imposed so called social distance to the world communities but I believe this is for the time being and would leave us someday for sure – experiences, learning from the history and intuition tell us that. But corona put a compelling practices to us which is doing work anyways as we have power of technology – here, specially the significant role of mostly dependent information technology.

For example:

Taking the critical and highly sophisticated technology solution in regards – cloud computing has been taking the most vital role of controlling the datacenters providing the IT infrastructure, platform and application as a services: which are known as IAAS (Infrastructure as a service), PAAS (Platform as a service) and SAAS (Software as a service). Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, SalesForce, SAP, IBM, Oracle, Google Cloud, Workway etc. are world-class cloud computing solution providers. On-premises datacenter or organizational/corporate computing management system is being replaced gradually or rapidly by the virtual system; where all technology administrative responsibilities are taken by the providers. So whatsoever the external unwanted disruption happens like what corona made, or other unseen natural calamities could have been made, doesn’t hamper the regular official or individual IT activities Every thing are under complete control, even if taking the question of setting up, configuring and deployment of service resources to the office or individual end users or the technology administrators. So working for any thing from home for office or business purposes is no serious issue now – redundant to say, this is just a stable connection and a IP supported device!

Supply chain and general commodities:

The current stagnant situation could not stop the supply chain system nor other priority services: healthcare, shopping mall, regulatory requirements, law and order supports or other emergency  commodities people need. Purchasing regular required goods are no matter now – although has been  practiced for years but the corona situation enhanced and accelerated seamless digital transaction system. It is now no matter at all, where are the recipients and the location of the services and products sources – it’s a order away by the cell phone or the likely devices, so simple. For many months people of different sub-continents are being used with this smart and privileged technology systems; its really fantastic – carrying hardcash is not a factor now (and this practice is risky as well). So the recommended health-safety is being practiced in all countries and the users understood the utmost necessities of IT services and this benefit must be sought-after by the nation.

Citizen services from Government and regulatory body

This is not unknown that the common citizen is now being accustomed with easy and effective services offered from the Government and the regulatory bodies. For example, the benefit of Digital Bangladesh (developed and implemented by a2i – Access to Information of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh) for the Bangladeshi nation are long been practiced and well appreciated – so, even a farmer is getting all the necessary services down to the cell phone devices from the agriculture banking system(regarding loan etc.) or the relevant information regarding the harvesting, fertilizing, seed, weather information or any documents from the agriculture or weather authority, they might have needed. In the previous day, those processes were too time consuming and full of hassle! So, whatever could be the health disaster issues or threats from dangerous and dominating micro-organism as happening now from corona – the amazing IT services provides all necessary services easily irrespective of any situation occurred. Its true, Corona is prevailing all over the world, but the strength of the ever changing and upgrading Information Technology and other technological innovation is staying and standing up over the unpredictable hindrances and impact – as we have been seeing since the inception of the weird pathogen and it silent colonialization in this planet. I believe, Humanity and longing for life win and must win – time and wisdom witness and say.

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