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Connection to business and skill marketing

It was a sudden decision as it seamed an effective work to me to promote business or organization and the professional in different disciplines. Some questions may be raised – why promotion of such kind? My answer is very straight forward – the job of promotion of business or professional areas would help me a lot to be acquainted with a huge numbers of skilled persons and organizational venues, no matter what is the geographical location, no matter what would be the ranking values of the individuals or the business organization. I felt this becomes a bilateral activity, it’s like, ‘I shall see, and they will look on my effort which eventually makes marketing for both ends’.

The main job for this is: I would be making video interviews relentlessly and successively on the skilled individuals and the business organizations of various types. Here, two online recording tools is good enough to conduct such ambitious interviews: and ZOOM. My target is to stream the interviews direct to YouTube and save the video contents on google drive as unlisted and make them available to my website ( – interestingly these video contents are about 7mins long, just this long but not covering typical details on the professional skill. I have decided to talk to the interviewees on the other subject which would signify their professionalism, ownership on jobs, integrity issues, outlook towards country or the global issues, belief, attachment to humanity, willingness for team or collaboration work, global perspectives, hobbies and cultural attachment, enthusiasm on knowledge upgradation, persistence level, capacity on hard works, sense of humors etc. I believe these qualities of human resources are very significant parameters for quality identification – which all the progressive business organizations or the bona fide employers seek for getting effective work forces. Knowing the core professional work is the basis of sound human resource and which the competent management want. In that case, a formal indefinite interview could be conducted in collaboration the employers after the seeker could find the sort listed capable professional the interviews database.

The professional categories are set initially as:

  1. Business development, sales and marketing
  2. HR and admin
  3. IT professionals
  4. Media / creativities / entertainment
  5. Trainers and coaches

Other areas are in queue now. The interviews on organization capacity or facilities are to be conducted these ways, but the quality of the organizational process standards are of utmost important as the videos on organizational business capacities are kept as a highlighted databases in our interviews repositories.  

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  1. Mujahidul Haque
    Mujahidul Haque October 25, 2020

    This is very nice idea to cover someones skill, hope this would work

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