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A well-made video is the best marketing tools now a days

Someday, we had to depend on TVC or radio commercial as a dynamic media to market goods or services to the consumers. As the static commercial way, those so-called graphics-based newspaper ads were one of the few kinds that could reach goods or service information to the consumers – needless to talk, these are still alive. The problems, the people are now showing almost no interest on the wall-mount big fluorescent screen or the like. Our fingers are busy now with a 6.5 by 5.6-dimensional screen, neck is bend on that – we are all bend on the little screen now a days. So, the business management and the media or art directors are now changing their mind while thinking about the ad demonstration media – TVs are dying day by day. We are trying to find everything – personal, collective or the official online. Someday, with a fullest enthusiasm, we enjoy ODI (one day cricket match on TV), now lot of channels are handy on the smart phone. People love to search on popular search engine (google, bing, yahoo etc.), eager to enjoy tons of YouTube videos on handset – a very common scenarios everywhere, isn’t it?  

So, this is basis of the change management of the video commercials. The most popular venue for video or static advertisement are now: Facebook, YouTube and other popular online social medias. Now, ad makers are opted to create ads for these medias; so the format, attitude, language, contents arrangement, model selection, making, marketing strategy, agreement, terms and service management with the cloud-based vendor are different than what was fit for the typical TVC. The main players are now Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the likes. The offer the cloud-based vendors are providing are more lucrative and cost-effective as well. These vendors are offering services in a very affordable and easy-paying mode – which is “pay-as-you-go” type payment transaction mode. The up-front cost is not that much huge as was for the TVC and other old medias. Here, if the service is idle or unutilized no extra cost is due for the customers – it’s really affordable and easy-going mode of payment. The best option or the facility or the privileges are the ways the cloud-based services manage the ads demonstration – it is completely intelligent and productive. The video or the advertisement contents are displayed to the customers intelligently – while the consumers are watching the videos on YouTube or using the Facebook timeline, or search google.

The ad boosters configure the advertisement algorithm according to specific terms and conditions and selecting various rules and parameters while setup ad contents on Facebook or Google. Google or Facebook charge according to these parameters and the target area of the net audiences, time duration, geographical zone, demography, user categories, user’s interest, education, occupation etc. – so many parameters. So the rule-based setup brings the ad contents to the specific web audiences without any system lose or financial waste. These are of-course good options – while considering the typical TVCs are expensive as these are counted by seconds the television or radio should telecast or broadcast. And, of course, another issues could be a point of losing concerns for TVc that the contents are not sure be presented to the target consumers – who know, who are over the other side, no logging made, no real monitoring on the TV audiences! But, for the recent internet-based medias are transparent regarding the consumers engagement factors as every steps are monitored, controlled and any change managements are seamlessly easy – distance is not at all a factor now.

The question is how and what lengthy should the video contents are. Other important issues are – the video or the like ad contents are displayed to the YouTube channels usually tracking the online consumers choice and display the ads randomly, according for the current viewers attached. Videos are the most contents rich media now for Facebook and YouTube. Getting the solid plans before getting to the anonymous endless internet world. The magic is: once the advertises are uploaded; it is up to the audiences and telling about your products and services for few seconds or minutes – but these are very specific

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