sQs (Sustainable Quality Service)

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Business runs processes and procedures, but in many realistic cases these core driving executive elements could not fulfill the desired purposes and thus the system start becoming sick, events of lose occur. The realities are: there are potential risks reside in processes – sometimes visible but not taken care of, sometimes truly hidden but keep damaging the business, sometimes there are risks unavoidable. Risks could be treated as opportunities which leads to new turning of business processes, Here is sQs (Sustainable Quality Services) – a combination of the core requirements of mother standards of the Quality Management Systems (QMS: ISO9001) and the mostly dependent and significant standards requirements from Information Security Management System derived from (ISMS ISO27001) and the series including the Risk Management and Business Continuity Management integrated.

The reality is, if the Quality Management Systems are not deployed and practiced properly as the most important organizational administrative and operational control objective basis, other processes of the business and industries like the Information Management Systems and the integrated security techniques and the IT governance lack behind the required functionalities. These becomes the problems and piled up with time and yields to a sick or unprofitable business entity. No investors want that but make delayed decision finding out the potential risks and the needed mitigation. I observed the vulnerabilities of the business and IT process are often ignored or not taking timely decision to get rid of. The top management’s should have to have a firm policy and objectives out of the proactive business strategy, allocate required resources, support and guidelines to initiate and run functional operations, evaluates the planned risk assessment and audits followed by the proper improvement processes to the welfare of the organizational processes. These activities required to be monitored and executed all along by the proper skilled personnel.

sQs is designed and prepared as the most effective and sustainable quality standards for Management and IT security technique , which, in fact, could repair any sick or malfunctioned business or industries; keeping mind that all these controls of sQs be deployed, functional, monitored and executed thoroughly and properly thoroughly deployed and practiced.

Once requirements from these integrated Standards sQs are deployed, the result is the total IT governance leading the staffs alignment with Information Security and profit.

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